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..= Classic Amiga Intros/Cracktros Sources Collection =..

Protected Area - Forbidden Zone. Press left mouse button to continue.
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here, you'll be able to find all my personal ReSourced cracktros (1995-...),
and Original Commented Sources and links to Pouet/Amigascne for other sources
from Scenestorm CD, LSD CD, GitHub.com,...

WARNING : These sources are for educational purpose only, not for personal works.
The resourcing could be used for others reasons : Fix olds intros on A4000/AA/680x0, and
also help for remakers of cracktros.
...almost 20-25 years...there has been some water under the bridge

sources listed :
originals sources, 117 persos + 9 fixes, Spirit, Bronx, Red Chrome
resources by Frantic-Xedos-Stingray-Ice..., 2 amiga remakes
(already 108 win32 remakes)
fixed exe archive

last update : 23/04/2017
Last sources added : Dreamdealers - Megaforce - Inner City - LSD - Extreme - New Age - Magnetic Fields - Slipstream - MAD - TSF - Hawk - Concept
Alcatraz - Sunflex - Vision Factory - Angels - HQC - Misc - Scoopex - Dytec - Vision Factory - Savage - Prestige
TSP - Paranoimia - TRSI - Analect - The Band - D-Tect - Silents - Dual Crew - Skid Row - Sanity boot - Miracle - Paradox

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z - Misc

to fix :
Paradox Slammer 680x0 keyboard freeze
Vision Factory (Nitrobit, Rog1), Crystal moonstone
FutureComposer timing, Palace for fast cpu
some gfx aga bugs on CBC and Dragons

 Amiga Cracktros Sources Code
Abandon : Crap
- win32 remake

Accession : DDT
- win32 remake

Accumulators : original source
all angels sources

Aces : Freddy (original source)
all angels sources

Ackerlight : sharlaan (from original source - seka modif.)
all angels sources

ACU (Australians Crackers United): Piranha/Predators

Agile : Public Enemy #1, Ted, Sabbath, Spirit
- win32 remake
- win32 remake - GitHub Spirit

Alcatraz :
Metalwar (original Source)
- win32 remake

Analog & TRSI : Yragael (original sources - see Paradox, Interpol, Passwords, Skid Row, Comotion)

Angels :
Corto (old original Seka sources absolute addr. fixed) all angels sources

win32 remake
old SEKA code fixed (on Flashtro)
trainer (old SEKA code fixed) -> on flashtro
win32 remake
old SEKA code fixed  (on Flashtro) old SEKA code fixed (on Flashtro) Corto FireWorks
- win32 remake

all angels sources - win32 remake  

Anthrox : Delta, Skol! (resourced by Gemanix)
Anthrox trainer by Delta classic Anthrox text cracktro Anthrox Trainer
- win32 remake Monster - win32 remake from Gemanix - win32 remake
another version ReCoded by Xedos  
- win32 remake  

Aurora : Yogi Bear & Sputnik
- win32 remake

Bamiga Sector 1 :

Banal Projects : Epidemic (original sources)

Band, The :
Pouet source only, no datas- win32 remake

Beastie Boys, The : Mel, Bandog (original source)
Bandog's intro
- win32 remake - win32 remake source only, no datas on AmigaScne

Bros : original source
source only, no datas

Bronx : original sources (vigo)
source only, no datas on GitHub

Cave : Mr. Spiv (original sources)
original source original source

Captain Paranoia
: intro+trainer (original sources)
from Gemanix

C.B.C : Freddy (include Original source)
- win32 remake

Classic : Mok, Plug-1, Rob Northern, Bros/Alcatraz (original sources)
Intro Number 61

Comotion : Yragael (original sources - see Skid Row, Fairlight, Passwords, Paradox, Analog, Interpol)
all angels sources

Concept : original sources by Oriens (Quartix - Hawk - Paradox)
all angels sources

Copper Crew : (original sources)
source only, no datas on Pouet Pouet source only, no datas- win32 remake

Cruise : Big-Byte (original source)

Crystal/Melon : Paleface - Ted - IBM - Ice/Palace - Bannasoft - Slammer
by TDK - win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake
resourced by ICE/Palace Crystal
- win32 remake - win32 remake Headcrash - win32 remake
resourced by Frantic resourced by Frantic
Vertigo - win32 remake
resourced by Frantic  
Vertigo - win32 remake  

Defjam-CCS : Ted, Antiaction, McCoder
- win32 remake - win32 remake

Decade : Calypso/Vanish
Transfusion2 - win32 remake

Defekt : (original source)

Delight : Paranormal
Synth - win32 remake

Devious Dezign : (original source)
source only, no datas

Diamonds & Rust / Fairlight : Cyclon/Gothic
Intro Number 31

Dimension X : "Retina Burn" original source

Divine : The Welder
- win32 remake

Dragons : Corsair (Original source)
- win32 remake

Dreamdealers : Sync (Original sources) from Github
Lipton BBS Play Online - Intros
Raging Fire Woodstock
Gasp Party Invitation

D-Tect : boot intro with tiny chip-tune player
- win32 remake

Dual Crew & Shining : Nzo/Dcs & Randy/Comax (original sources), Zaz, Mace
original source
- win32 remake - win32 remake
- win32 remake - win32 remake

DYTEC (Dynamic Technologies) : Blade, Galaxy (original source)

Endless Piracy : Magic Drummer
by Magic Drummer  
- win32 remake

Extreme : Wizoid (original source 'test version')
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck exe

Fairlight : JAS, Nomad, Gaston
Yragael (original sources - see Skid Row, Passwords, Paradox, Analog, Interpol)
version 1+2 version 2 (see version 1) by JAS
- win32 remake - win32 remake Fireworks
by Gaston Nomad/Fairlight
Dotty Flowers - win32 remake - win32 remake

Faith : original source
all angels sources

Hawk : original sources by Oriens (Quartix - Concept - Paradox - TSF)
all angels sources all angels sources all angels sources
all angels sources

Hellfire : sourced by Xedos/RNO (1998)
- win32 remake

Hoodlum : toxic (sourced by Xedos/RNO), Easy.M
hoodlum trainer  
- win32 remake

: Gaston!
by Blaizer - win32 remake Paranoimia - win32 remake

HQC: bootro (original source)

Inner City : Fangs (original sources)

Insane : Kostek (original source) see Royal

Interpol : Yragael (original sources - see Skid Row, Fairlight, Passwords, Analog, Comotion)

Wandering Mind

: Icarus
Wandering Mind - win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake
- win32 remake

Litany : (original source - module missing)

: Chime/Lsd, Shagratt (original sources), Icarus
original source
- win32 remake

M.A.D : StormLord, Elwood (original source)
- win32 remake

Magnetic Fields : Spook (original source)

MASTERS : Caddy (original source)
original source    

Medellin : TAS
- win32 remake

Megaforce : Crazy Typer, Little Zeus (original sources disk)
- win32 remake

: BrainWalker again!, Calypso/Vanish
by Brainwalker
Geetar Geetar

Miracle : Sabbath
Monster - win32 remake - win32 remake

Motion : Sisko
- win32 remake

Nemesis : Spook/Digital, Bansai! (original source)
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck - win32 remake - win32 remake

New Age: Mad Doctor Strange (original source)

Nightfall: Booger (original source)

NorthStar : (original source) (from scenestorm1)

: resourced by StingRay/Scarab^Scoopex
by Stingray by Stingray  
- win32 remake - win32 remake

: Trevor
- win32 remake

Palace : caesar

Paradise : Rebb
Rebb GitHub

Paradox : Sphinx - Slammer - Skywalker - JP - TAS - Kamikaze - Roger/Orange
original source by Oriens (menu) , Yragael (original sources - see Interpol, Fairlight, Passwords, Analog, Comotion)
by slammer (to fix) Paradox by Sphinx (fixed)
- win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake
Skywalker/Prdx Paradox by Roger/Orange Paradox by JP and Fab
- win32 remake Intro Number 45 - win32 remake - win32 remake
by Yaragel by Kamikaze original source
Coy-Hot - rmk - original - win32 remake Cobalt - all angels sources
- win32 remake
all angels sources

Paranoimia : Electronic Artists (Alpha One remake), Mr Spiv/Cave (original), Cool J/Unique
BrainWalker, Metallion/Kefrens (original), Vectorman/Crb (original source)
remake by Alpha One original source absolute addr fixed (on flashtro) Paranoimia by Cool J
Paranoimia win32 remake win32 remake Somewhere - win32 remake
pouet.net original source on pouet.net
- win32 remake - win32 remake

PassWords/Fairlight : Yragael - Cooper Inc. (original sources)
Passwords (Fairlight?) intro Passwords / Cooper Inc. (AGA)  
win32 remake

Prestige : Mighty Mongols (Doc PSI/Zenith, Stellios/Scoopex), Funzine (original source)
+ Fullmoon version effect (to Fix) original source
Zapata 23.4 Impulse Power - win32 remake

Pseudo-Ops : PseudoOps/Marcus Lynn (1989. original sources)
Pseudo-Ops mini intro original source    
Pseudo ops - win32 remake

Punishers / Betrayal'n Punishers : XAG, Ice'n Caddy
- win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake

Quartex / Classic:
- win32 remake

Quest : original sources

Razor 1911 : Sector9, Zodact
(old seka code fixed)  
- win32 remake - win32 remake

Rebels: "Last Dimension" (original source)

Red Chrome : original source (site)
on GitHub

Royal : Kostek (original sources) (see Insane )

Sanity : bootblock intro from "Interference"

Savage : Filippetto (original sources) (from Gandalf Source Compilation)

Scoopex : Challenger - Slayer - Electra (original source)
Law of the kult - win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake

Share and Enjoy : (original source)

Silents : Snurkle 2/Guzzler, Mr. Perfect (original source)
- win32 remake - win32 remake

Skid Row : BrainWalker - Dan/Anarchy - Skywalker - Illusion/VF - Raise/Parasite (sourced by Frantic) - Magic Drummer
Yragael (original sources - see Interpol, Fairlight, Passwords, Analog & TRSI, Comotion)
by Brainwalker (fixed) by Brainwalker by Dan/Anarchy
- win32 remake Behind the wall - win32 remake LFF - win32 remake
by Brainwalker by Brainwalker Skid Row by Illusion/Vision Factory
- win32 remake - win32 remake Pseudo ops - win32 remake
by Raise/Parasite (sourced by Frantic) remake by Alpha One Magic Drummer
- win32 remake - win32 remake

Slipstream: Pod (original source)

Spaceballs: Jobbo (original source)
original source    

Spirit: Maxicode (original source)

Stellar : Dweezil (original source)

Sunflex : Fero (trainers & cracktros original sources)

Supplex : Logo7 (original source)

TAR: 4489 (original source)

Trilogy : Amiga Freak
- win32 remake

TRSI/TRSI & Zenith : Double Trouble (1993) - Wayne Mendoza - The Mongols
Dream Warrior (resources and original source) - Madison (original source)
by Double Trouble Mongols from TRSI-ZENITH
Analyzer - win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake
- win32 remake

The Company : Corsair
- win32 remake - win32 remake

The FireStarters (TFS) : Piranha

The Great Swappers (TGS) : Ritchy (original sources GitHub)

The Special Brothers (TSB) : (original source)

The Srike Force (TSF) : Oriens (original source)

The Starlight Project (TSP) : Razmo (original source)
original source    

The Supply Team : (original sources) (from TAG source)

Thrust : original sources (Haegar)
source only, no datas source only, no datas source only, no datas
source only, no datas source only, no datas

Thunderloop : XAG
Thunderloop trainer+ doc reader    
- win32 remake

TNC : Birthday, MetroParty, with Batman Group : Distortions (original sources)

Virtual Dreams/Fairlight : Tsunami (original sources)

Vision Factory : ROG, Flash of Genius/Fraxion, Nitrobit, George/Subway (original)
by ROG (buggy version + fixed version) (fixed) Vision Factory by ROG
Monday - win32 remake - win32 remake Purple Shades - win32 remake
Fixed Vision Factory by Nitrobit
- win32 remake - win32 remake

- win32 remake

Voodoo : Rampower
- win32 remake

World of Wonders/Abakus : TSK - Abakus (original source)

: Defjam&genesis&angels/Apg (resource)
- Analect packmenu/Mars Bar (original source)
- Robster-Frantic Addicts/ADU/Unity/Suicidals/Gemanix/Psychad/Wraith (original sources)
- Lifeforce/Oli^Les Nuls (original source)
- Iks final bob - Cool-G original sources (Silents, Zylon)
- art & science (original sources from GitHub)
- Joshua/Triax - Flav/Star-Team (original source)
by Smircher original source Turrican III
original sources
- win32 remake  
Addicts Amiga Down Under 1
source only, no datas

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