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..= Classic Amiga Intros/Cracktros Sources Collection =..

Protected Area - Forbidden Zone. Press left mouse button to continue.
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here, you'll be able to find all my personal ReSourced cracktros (1995-...),
and Original Commented Sources and links to Pouet/Amigascne for other sources
from Scenestorm CD, LSD CD, GitHub.com,...

WARNING : These sources are for educational purpose only, not for personal works.
The resourcing could be used for others reasons : Fix olds intros on A4000/AA/680x0, and
also help for remakers of cracktros.
...almost 20-25 years...there has been some water under the bridge

sources listed :
originals sources, 117 persos + 9 fixes, Spirit, Bronx, Red Chrome
resources by Frantic-Xedos-Stingray-Ice..., 2 amiga remakes
(already 108 win32 remakes)
fixed exe archive

last update : 23/04/2017
Last sources added : Dreamdealers - Megaforce - Inner City - LSD - Extreme - New Age - Magnetic Fields - Slipstream - MAD - TSF - Hawk - Concept
Alcatraz - Sunflex - Vision Factory - Angels - HQC - Misc - Scoopex - Dytec - Vision Factory - Savage - Prestige
TSP - Paranoimia - TRSI - Analect - The Band - D-Tect - Silents - Dual Crew - Skid Row - Sanity boot - Miracle - Paradox

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z - Misc

to fix :
Paradox Slammer 680x0 keyboard freeze
Vision Factory (Nitrobit, Rog1), Crystal moonstone
FutureComposer timing, Palace for fast cpu
some gfx aga bugs on CBC and Dragons

 Amiga Cracktros Sources Code
Abandon : Crap
- win32 remake

Accession : DDT
- win32 remake

Accumulators : original source
all angels sources

Aces : Freddy (original source)
all angels sources

Ackerlight : sharlaan (from original source - seka modif.)
all angels sources all angels sources

ACU (Australians Crackers United): Piranha/Predators

Agile : Public Enemy #1, Ted, Sabbath, Spirit
- win32 remake
- win32 remake - GitHub Spirit

Alcatraz :
Metalwar (original Source)
- win32 remake

Amiga Industries : Section 9 (original source)

Analog & TRSI : Yragael (original sources - see Paradox, Interpol, Passwords, Skid Row, Comotion)

Angels :
Corto (old original Seka sources absolute addr. fixed) all angels sources

win32 remake
old SEKA code fixed (on Flashtro)
trainer (old SEKA code fixed) -> on flashtro
win32 remake
old SEKA code fixed  (on Flashtro) old SEKA code fixed (on Flashtro) Corto FireWorks
- win32 remake

all angels sources - win32 remake  

Anthrox : Delta, Skol! (resourced by Gemanix)
Anthrox trainer by Delta classic Anthrox text cracktro Anthrox Trainer
- win32 remake Monster - win32 remake from Gemanix - win32 remake
another version ReCoded by Xedos  
- win32 remake  

Aurora : Yogi Bear & Sputnik
- win32 remake

Bamiga Sector 1 :

Banal Projects : Epidemic (original sources)

Band, The :
Pouet source only, no datas- win32 remake

Beastie Boys, The : Mel, Bandog (original source)
Bandog's intro
- win32 remake - win32 remake source only, no datas on AmigaScne

Bros : original source
source only, no datas

Bronx : original sources (vigo)
source only, no datas on GitHub

Cave : Mr. Spiv (original sources)
original source original source

Captain Paranoia
: intro+trainer (original sources)
from Gemanix

C.B.C : Freddy (include Original source)
- win32 remake

Classic : Mok, Plug-1, Rob Northern, Bros/Alcatraz (original sources)
Intro Number 61

Comotion : Yragael (original sources - see Skid Row, Fairlight, Passwords, Paradox, Analog, Interpol)
all angels sources

Concept : original sources by Oriens (Quartix - Hawk - Paradox)
all angels sources

Copper Crew : (original sources)
source only, no datas on Pouet Pouet source only, no datas- win32 remake

Corrupt :
- win32 remake

Cruise : Big-Byte (original source)

Crystal/Melon : Paleface - Ted - IBM - Ice/Palace - Bannasoft - Slammer
by TDK - win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake
resourced by ICE/Palace Crystal
- win32 remake - win32 remake Headcrash - win32 remake
resourced by Frantic resourced by Frantic
Vertigo - win32 remake
resourced by Frantic  
Vertigo - win32 remake  

Cytax :
- win32 remake

Defjam-CCS : Ted, Antiaction, McCoder
- win32 remake - win32 remake

Decade : Calypso/Vanish
Transfusion2 - win32 remake

Defekt : (original source)

Delight : Paranormal
Synth - win32 remake

Delirium : (original source)

Devious Dezign : (original source)
source only, no datas

Diamonds & Rust / Fairlight : Cyclon/Gothic
Intro Number 31

Dimension X : "Retina Burn" original source

Divine : The Welder
- win32 remake

Dragons : Corsair (Original source)
- win32 remake

Dreamdealers : Sync (Original sources) from Github
Lipton BBS Play Online - Intros
Raging Fire Woodstock
Gasp Party Invitation

D-Tect : boot intro with tiny chip-tune player
- win32 remake

Dual Crew & Shining : Nzo/Dcs & Randy/Comax (original sources), Zaz, Mace
original source
- win32 remake - win32 remake
- win32 remake - win32 remake

DYTEC (Dynamic Technologies) : Blade, Galaxy (original source)

Dynamix : Paso (original source)
- win32 remake

Endless Piracy : Magic Drummer
by Magic Drummer  
- win32 remake

Extreme : Wizoid (original source 'test version')
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck exe

Fairlight : JAS, Nomad, Gaston
Yragael (original sources - see Skid Row, Passwords, Paradox, Analog, Interpol)
version 1+2 version 2 (see version 1) by JAS
- win32 remake - win32 remake Fireworks
by Gaston Nomad/Fairlight
Dotty Flowers - win32 remake - win32 remake

Faith : original source
all angels sources

Hawk : original sources by Oriens (Quartix - Concept - Paradox - TSF)
all angels sources all angels sources all angels sources
all angels sources

- win32 remake

Hellfire : sourced by Xedos/RNO (1998)
- win32 remake

Hoodlum : toxic (sourced by Xedos/RNO), Easy.M
hoodlum trainer  
- win32 remake

: Gaston!
by Blaizer - win32 remake Paranoimia - win32 remake

HQC: bootro (original source)

Inner City : Fangs (original sources)

Insane : Kostek (original source) see Royal

Interpol : Yragael (original sources - see Skid Row, Fairlight, Passwords, Analog, Comotion)

Wandering Mind

: Icarus
Wandering Mind - win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake
- win32 remake

Litany : (original source - module missing)

: Chime/Lsd, Shagratt (original sources), Icarus
original source
- win32 remake

M.A.D : StormLord, Elwood (original source)
- win32 remake

Magnetic Fields : Spook (original source)

MASTERS : Caddy (original source)
original source    

Medellin : TAS
- win32 remake

Megaforce : Crazy Typer, Little Zeus (original sources disk)
- win32 remake

: BrainWalker again!, Calypso/Vanish
by Brainwalker
Geetar Geetar

Miracle : Sabbath
Monster - win32 remake - win32 remake

Motion : Sisko
- win32 remake

Nemesis : Spook/Digital, Bansai! (original source)
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck - win32 remake - win32 remake

New Age: Mad Doctor Strange (original source)

Nightfall: Booger (original source)

NorthStar : (original source) (from scenestorm1)

: resourced by StingRay/Scarab^Scoopex
by Stingray by Stingray  
- win32 remake - win32 remake

: Trevor
- win32 remake

Palace : caesar

Paradise : Rebb
Rebb GitHub

Paradox : Sphinx - Slammer - Skywalker - JP - TAS - Kamikaze - Roger/Orange
original source by Oriens (menu) , Yragael (original sources - see Interpol, Fairlight, Passwords, Analog, Comotion)
by slammer (to fix) Paradox by Sphinx (fixed)
- win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake
Skywalker/Prdx Paradox by Roger/Orange Paradox by JP and Fab
- win32 remake Intro Number 45 - win32 remake - win32 remake
by Yaragel by Kamikaze original source
Coy-Hot - rmk - original - win32 remake Cobalt - all angels sources
- win32 remake
all angels sources

Paranoimia : Electronic Artists (Alpha One remake), Mr Spiv/Cave (original), Cool J/Unique
BrainWalker, Metallion/Kefrens (original), Vectorman/Crb (original source)
remake by Alpha One original source absolute addr fixed (on flashtro) Paranoimia by Cool J
Paranoimia win32 remake win32 remake Somewhere - win32 remake
pouet.net original source on pouet.net
- win32 remake - win32 remake

PassWords/Fairlight : Yragael - Cooper Inc. (original sources)
Passwords (Fairlight?) intro Passwords / Cooper Inc. (AGA)  
win32 remake

Prestige : Mighty Mongols (Doc PSI/Zenith, Stellios/Scoopex), Funzine (original source)
+ Fullmoon version effect (to Fix) original source
Zapata 23.4 Impulse Power - win32 remake

Pseudo-Ops : PseudoOps/Marcus Lynn (1989. original sources)
Pseudo-Ops mini intro original source    
Pseudo ops - win32 remake

Punishers / Betrayal'n Punishers : XAG, Ice'n Caddy
- win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake

Quartex / Classic:
- win32 remake

Quest : original sources

Razor 1911 : Sector9, Zodact
(old seka code fixed)  
- win32 remake - win32 remake

Rebels: "Last Dimension" (original source)

Red Chrome : original source (site)
on GitHub

Royal : Kostek (original sources) (see Insane )

Sanity : bootblock intro from "Interference"

Savage : Filippetto (original sources) (from Gandalf Source Compilation)

Scoopex : Challenger - Slayer - Electra (original source)
Law of the kult - win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake

Share and Enjoy : (original source)

Silents : Snurkle 2/Guzzler, Mr. Perfect (original source)
- win32 remake - win32 remake

Skid Row : BrainWalker - Dan/Anarchy - Skywalker - Illusion/VF - Raise/Parasite (sourced by Frantic) - Magic Drummer
Yragael (original sources - see Interpol, Fairlight, Passwords, Analog & TRSI, Comotion)
by Brainwalker (fixed) by Brainwalker by Dan/Anarchy
- win32 remake Behind the wall - win32 remake LFF - win32 remake
by Brainwalker by Brainwalker Skid Row by Illusion/Vision Factory
- win32 remake - win32 remake Pseudo ops - win32 remake
by Raise/Parasite (sourced by Frantic) remake by Alpha One Magic Drummer
- win32 remake - win32 remake

Slipstream: Pod (original source)

Spaceballs: Jobbo (original source)
original source    

Spirit: Maxicode (original source)

Stellar : Dweezil (original source)

Sunflex : Fero (trainers & cracktros original sources)

Supplex : Logo7 (original source)

Supreme : (original source)

TAR: 4489 (original source)

Trilogy : Amiga Freak
- win32 remake

TRSI/TRSI & Zenith : Double Trouble (1993) - Wayne Mendoza - The Mongols
Dream Warrior (resources and original source) - Madison (original source)
by Double Trouble Mongols from TRSI-ZENITH
Analyzer - win32 remake - win32 remake - win32 remake
- win32 remake

The Company : Corsair
- win32 remake - win32 remake

The FireStarters (TFS) : Piranha

The Great Swappers (TGS) : Ritchy (original sources GitHub)

The Special Brothers (TSB) : (original source)

The Srike Force (TSF) : Oriens (original source)

The Starlight Project (TSP) : Razmo (original source)
original source    

The Supply Team : (original sources) (from TAG source)

Thrust : original sources (Haegar)
source only, no datas source only, no datas source only, no datas
source only, no datas source only, no datas source only, no datas
source only, no datas source only, no datas  

Thunderloop : XAG
Thunderloop trainer+ doc reader    
- win32 remake

TNC : Birthday, MetroParty, with Batman Group : Distortions (original sources)

Virtual Dreams/Fairlight : Tsunami (original sources)

Vision Factory : ROG, Flash of Genius/Fraxion, Nitrobit, George/Subway (original)
by ROG (buggy version + fixed version) (fixed) Vision Factory by ROG
Monday - win32 remake - win32 remake Purple Shades - win32 remake
Fixed Vision Factory by Nitrobit
- win32 remake - win32 remake

- win32 remake

Voodoo : Rampower
- win32 remake

World of Wonders/Abakus : TSK - Abakus (original source)

Zenith :

: Defjam&genesis&angels/Apg (resource)
- Analect packmenu/Mars Bar (original source)
- Robster-Frantic Addicts/ADU/Unity/Suicidals/Gemanix/Psychad/Wraith (original sources)
- Lifeforce/Oli^Les Nuls (original source)
- Iks final bob - Cool-G original sources (Silents, Zylon)
- art & science (original sources from GitHub)
- Joshua/Triax - Flav/Star-Team (original source)
by Smircher original source Turrican III
original sources
- win32 remake  
Addicts Amiga Down Under 1
source only, no datas

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