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My Gallery 1 (PC) | My Gallery 2 - new sketch
My Gallery 3 (Amiga) | My Gallery 4

Amiga Scene : Sci-Fi
Sebastian Krüger | Derek Riggs - Iron Maiden
Harmen Steenwijck | Bardon | Miscs

My Gallery 1 : The Gimp / Photoshop

spaceship in ApocDesert (2) & Nuage (8) © Lionel Bret (from 1 - 2 - 3)

My Gallery 2 : Dessins, Crayonnés/Sketchs 1989-96

original by Loris

News Sketchs by: ?Gizard? (1998) - Juan 2000

My Gallery 3 : Amiga Deluxe Paint III
(dessins à "souris levée"/mouse-drawn)

from J. Tesseyre & VTRX - cover Tilt #56

used in First Slide Intro (unrel.Play Online) 1991

from Charles Villoutreix (VTRX) in Tilt #58

final version used in "Dragons & Warriors" Slideshow

from Jerome Tesseyre in Tilt #37

(in Magic Slideshow) 1991

by Ar-S (1994)
used in "Booly A-ha digit"

my dog - 1977-1993

from Zoom / Stolen Data 8/Anarchy
in "Metal & Lace" Hidden-Part (1993)

used for an unreleased intro for a friend Play Online

Metal & Lace (Amiga slideshow see Here )
see Original Pic from PC games - other Slides : Japanese Art, Manga Art

by Ank

by Ank

some logos (remake from well known demos) :

My Gallery 4 : Divers/Misc

Amiga Scene :
Hobbit/Fairlight (1988)

Beast Rider / Opus - 1991

Lamer (iff)

Amiga Sys - Pro Paint

Paint Can - Greg Johnson - 1985 - Deluxe Paint
(bootskin XP_Latex windows version)

Flight - Greg Johnson - 1985 - Deluxe Paint

seems to be inspired by
a concept art for "Alien" by Ron Cobb
re-used in Prometheus

Amiga Dealer Demo - Jim Sachs - 1989

Amiga Lagoon - Jim Sachs - Brilliance

Glass Big - David Wecker - DBW Render

= Inspiration is None =
see InsertDisk2 - ArtCity.Bitfellas - NoCopy

Sebastian Krüger :
Tankard's covers

Amiga versions : by R.W.O and Cougar
used in Masterpieces/Kefrens and Jesterday/Sanity

Tankard : Stone Cold Sober

Amiga version : by R.W.O
used in Desert Dream / Kefrens

Mad Butcher

Amiga version : by PGCS
used in Alcatraz Megademo 4 : Devil's Key


Amiga version : by Phantom Lord
used in Ratman's Revenge/Animators and Ratman demo/Prong

Alien, etc...


Beast of Bourbon

Iron Maiden "Eddie" by Derek Riggs :
Stranger in a Strange Land
Iron Maiden Stranger In A Strange Land Eddie - Derek Riggs

Amiga version : by Dr.C
used in Red Sector Megademo
terminator pic from Iron Maiden

Can I Play

Amiga versions : by
used in Plastic Passion/Up Front
original from Iron Maiden - Can I Play With

Somewhere In Time

Somewhere In Space

Amiga versions : by Tom Copper
used in Dragon/Animators


Amiga version : by Cougar
used in Interference/Sanity

Sci-Fi + Amiga :
David Hardy - Shooting Star

Angus McKie

Amiga versions :
used in alpha flight intro "scroll on ham"

Angus McKie - Thrall of Hypno

Angus McKie - Halcyon Drift

Angus McKie

Michael Whelan - Outbound

Amiga version : by PGCS
used in Odyssey / Alcatraz
from Michael Whelan "outbound"

Marco Patrito : Dar Shak

Amiga versions : by PGCS/Alcatraz
used in Odyssey / Alcatraz
Short Grey Intro / Alcatraz

Amiga versions : by PGCS
used in Megademo 2 / Alcatraz

Don Lawrence : Storm
STORM T.2 p.19

Amiga version : by Facet
used in In The Kitchen / Anarchy

STORM T.7 p.28

Amiga version : by FadeOne
used in No Pain No Gain / TRSI

Thierry Segur :
Rex Nebular (TILT)

Legendes des Contrées Oubliées
tome 2 "le pays des songes"
Amiga version : by Alcid
used in The Breath of the Muse / Chryseis & Poseidon

Didier Crisse :
L'Epée de Cristal - tome 3 arriere
Amiga version : by
used in The Breath of the Muse / Chryseis & Poseidon

Jean-Michel Kervévan :
cover de "Danse macabre"/J'ai Lu

Amiga versions : by Facet, ?
used in Dotro/Lemon et Demo 2/Parasite

Graham Thompson

Harmen Steenwijck (1640) :

An Allegory of the Vanities of Human Life

Bardon (1997) :

Miscs :
(scanned with an A3000 with a Sharp JX-300)
eye tatoo

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