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Amiga Oldies DEMOS :
all my personal releases (on Tosec now) OCS/ECS A500

files format : DMS or ADF (Amiga Disk File) usable with emulators UAE / WinUAE or WinFellow

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 Amiga Windows utils
ADFDump (adf)
Protracker 4b2
Technosound Turbo 2

Prowizard 4 pc
Joinz/Splitz (and WJoinz/WSplitz)
TrackTool (1.3/2.0/3.0)
ModPlugIn + patch ie6 (univ install)
ADF View
ADF Reader-Writer (ADF View Javascript)

my PC intros - Amiga Dream Issue #18 (mai 1995)

Misc prods :
FOUND: official fix 1.1 Aga for Made in Croatia/Binary. (from Amigascene Archives). Thanks to a/b@EAB
(TEMP) Quick 'n' Dirty Fix for Benoit/Ramses on current WinUae (2020)
(TEMP) Quick 'n' Dirty Fix for Olympe/Gods freeze on current WinUae/FS-Uae (2020)
FOUND: final "Bonus version" of Zoombi by Union/PIL. Thanks to Tomas Bator for sharing it
(TEMP) Quick and Dirty Fix for original gfx craps on Work For Nothing/Turnips (2018)
FOUND: 100% Proper Disks of "Project Megaran/Reality" (from Aero's Collection) (02/2018)
Fix ('DOS' missing) disk 2 of Toxic Trooper MegaDemo I (07/2018)
Fix original gfx glitch of the intro "Nanotech Mysteries 2/Limited Edition"
converted modules of "Contagion/Appendix" Deliplayer Custom module Music+Converted module (aminet)
MegaTraxx module format converter
FOUND: 100% good dump of "Unbelievable/Atomic" (kestra)
FOUND: 100% good dump of "Out Of Time/Avalon" (kestra)
FOUND: 100% working version of "The Sunrise/Anadune"
FOUND: Musicdisk "Dawn : Chipdisc #1" (kestra)
Fix sound of boot part "cube explosion" of "Soul Contamination/Slipstream"
Trackloader fix for "Deformations/Deform" trackmo - patch (aminet)
One-Filed version of "Speed/Sim Prod."
HD Installer for "Speed/Sim Prod."
FOUND: 100% good dump of "Trashcan/Wizzcat"
final Uae fix for "Kiss My Jazz/Appendix" (aminet)
converted modules of "Colors/Devils" Deliplayer Custom module Music+Converted module (aminet)
delicustom & converted modules of "Project Megaran/Reality" Custom module (Deliplayer)+Converted module (aminet) (kestra)

Windows BootSkin :
Alien/R.W.O - original by Sebastian Krüger


Vanity by Harmen Steenwijck (1640) - Black'n'White


Amiga Demos
:: Demos & SlideShow Apocalypse Bay ::
Metal & Lace (1993-94)
Need only 512 Kb Chip - ocs/ecs/aga 2.0/3.0 and DFx compliant

hidden part hidden part

708 kb

722 kb

Whdload unoff.

code: VrS!
zic: Romeo Knight
- ar-s/scat (end/hidden part)
Gfx: VrS! - Scat - Ank

from PC games "Cobra Mission" and "Metal & Lace", first picture from "Super Valis"
sources : Generation4, Tilt, Joystick

Hidden Part:
RMB at boot

see Pictures

main theme remix by Little Bitchard


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Legacy 97 - Demo Operating System tester

345 kb

code (V.O.S) : VrS!
zic: Laxity/Kefrens

a compilation of some old fx from various demos (Hemoroids, Tek, Arise, Razor, Silicon, Zenith, paradox, Digital...)

version Alpha test

on KS2+ DF1: bootable & loading

ECS Agnus - no 680x0 comp.


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Weird Science Slideshow (remake) / Chris Hill

789 kb
from Chris Hill SlideShow

code: VrS!
Zic: Firefox

Original Version DOS

ECS/AGA - Need 512 Kb Slow/Fast

see another Weird Science Slideshow
born to be free


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Sweltering Forest Slideshow
ECS/AGA - Need 1 Mb chip or 512 chip/512 fast
David Hardy "Shooting Star" Siudmak
847 kb
code: VrS!
zic: Clawz/Digital

Illustrations : Suidmak, David Hardy...


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Magic slide disk #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5
ECS/AGA - Need 1 Mb - DF0-DF1
771 kb

code: VrS!
Zics : Twilight/Doc Holiday (intro)
Rallyemaster remix by ?

misc gfx from: mangas, comics, Nova slide, silents/channel42 slide, SoWhat/Equinox...

Great Remix of Rallye Master


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Boris Vallejo Slide #1 (remake)
ECS/AGA - need 1 Mb chip or 512 chip/512 fast
860 kb

based on
Space Bubbles slides 3 by Ackerlight

code: VrS!
Zic: Laxity/Kefrens
(wrong credits on disk)

Dragons & Warriors / Trash Gang (remake)
OCS/ECS/AGA - Need 512K Fast - only DF0
1.4 Mb
from Trash Gang slide

code/logo : VrS! (trackload + intro)
Zics : Cockatrice/Complex
Dr. Awesome


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BlueShow 2 / Pyramid (remake) [XXX]
ECS/AGA - Need only 512 Kb Chip

788 kb

from Pyramid X-Slide

code: VrS! (trackload)
Zic: Mazon/Fantasy

Optical Illusion #5 (remake) [XXX]
ECS/AGA - need 512Kb Chip+512Kb Slow/Fast - or 2 Mb Chip
1.3 Mb

2 disk auto-boot
Feral Kid & Optics X-Slide

code: VrS! (trackload)
Music :
disk 1 : Firefox & Tip "Macrocosm"
disk 2 : "Rainy Day" by Nightlight
original by Hanz Zimmer "Rain Main End Theme"

 Amiga Musik Disk
:: Music Disk by Apocalypse Bay ::
Guignols Dance 2 v.2 - Higelin (proper version)
629 kb

youtube Play Online
code: VrS!
zic: Ar-S/Scat
intro zic : Pink/Abyss
loader zic : "Synthetic 2" by Gandbox
(from Chip's #2/Intense)

Guignols Dance 2 v.1 - East17 (proper version)
(boot fixed)
665 kb

youtube Play Online
Guignols Dance 2 v.3 - Zuludance
685 kb

Guignols Dance 2 v.test A500
test version A500 : Koikidi/Fantasy

411 kb

BONUS unreleased : Guignols Mix by Thug (1993) Play Online

Play Online

WHDLoad 164 unoff. HD:
1.26 Mb
One Music - Kalon Marie
original by Stone Age
732 kb

youtube Play Online
code: VrS!
zic-gfx: Ar-S/scat

One Music - More Than Music (unreleased)

More Than Music / Alcatraz (original - Good Dump)
648 kb

473 kb
code: VrS! / zic: Moby
Original by Alcatraz
Whdload patch
The Persuaders soundtrack
OCS-ECS/AGA - Need only 512K Chip
801 kb

code : VrS!
digit : Eric Ennifar
from original music by Barry

1'30'' One-Disked digit

Ghost soundtrack
OCS-ECS/AGA - Need only 512K Chip
443 kb

code : VrS!
digit : Ar-S/Scat

1'30'' One-Disked digit

Sandra "Heaven can wait"
OCS-ECS/AGA - Need only 512K Chip
569 kb

code : VrS!
gfx & digit : The Twins

from original music by Michael Cretu - Sandra

1'30'' One-Disked digit

Booly - OCS-ECS/AGA - Only 512K Chip
695 kb

/!\ youtube /!\

Play Online

Play Online
Play Online

code : VrS!
gfx & digit : Ar-S/Scat

picture from "Furry of the Furries" Cover
original music "Take On Me " by A-ha

1'30'' One-Disked digit

first MusicDisk test - 8 modules
OCS-ECS/AGA - Need 512K Slow/Fast
848 kb
code : VrS!
logos from Uno, NoogMan

misc modules from (wrong credits)
Moby, Dr J, Dr Awesome, Jason, GTS...
:: Unreleased Stuffs ::
First Slideshow Intro (91)

Play Online

code : VrS!, CBM61
gfx : VrS!
music : Doc Frog (C.T.)
"aquatiqua 2"

lost disk : contained some of my first DPaint piccies (see Galleries)
Doc Frog's pic "aquatiqua"
and Luck's pic "checkerboard" (Pov)

Intro for Friend's brother (92)

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code : VrS!
gfx : VrS!
music : from game "First Samurai"

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