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Amiga Oldies DEMOS :
all my personal releases (on Tosec now) OCS/ECS A500

files format : DMS or ADF (Amiga Disk File) usable with emulators UAE / WinUAE or WinFellow

Demos Antho SlideShow Music Antho Compil Antho OldSkool 87-90
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 Amiga Windows utils
ADFDump (adf)
Protracker 4b2
Technosound Turbo 2

Prowizard 4 pc
Joinz/Splitz (and WJoinz/WSplitz)
TrackTool (1.3/2.0/3.0)
ModPlugIn + patch ie6 (univ install)

my PC intros - Amiga Dream Issue #18 (mai 1995)

Misc prods :
FOUND: 100% Proper Disks of "Project Megaran/Reality" (02/2018)
Fix original gfx glitch of the intro "Nanotech Mysteries 2/Limited Edition"
many cracktros extracted/rehunked/one-filed (kestra-janeway)
converted modules of "Contagion/Appendix" Deliplayer Custom module Music+Converted module (aminet)
MegaTraxx module format converter
FOUND: 100% good dump of "Unbelievable/Atomic" (kestra)
FOUND: 100% good dump of "Out Of Time/Avalon" (kestra)
FOUND: 100% working version of "The Sunrise/Anadune"
FOUND: Musicdisk "Dawn : Chipdisc #1" (kestra)
Fix sound of boot part "cube explosion" of "Soul Contamination/Slipstream"
Fix for corrupted pictures of "Project Megaran/Reality" - patch (aminet) (kestra) (No More Needed)
Trackloader fix for "Deformations/Deform" trackmo - patch (aminet)
One-Filed version of "Speed/Sim Prod." (updated 31/10/2013)
HD Installer for "Speed/Sim Prod." (updated 31/10/2013)
FOUND: 100% good dump of "Trashcan/Wizzcat"
final Uae fix for "Kiss My Jazz/Appendix" (aminet)
converted modules of "Colors/Devils" Deliplayer Custom module Music+Converted module (aminet)
delicustom & converted modules of "Project Megaran/Reality" Custom module (Deliplayer)+Converted module (aminet) (kestra)
WinUae/E-Uae Fix for "Rampage/TEK" - patch
WhdLoad for : Rampage/Tek, Black & White/Pentagon, Masterpiece/Kefrens,
Checked Implosion/Intryx, Industrial Show/Profecy, Metal & Lace/ApB...

Cracking Tutos : Ruff'n Tumble - Z-Out - FlashBack - Toki

Windows BootSkin :
Alien/R.W.O - original by Sebastian Krüger


Vanity by Harmen Steenwijck (1640) - Black'n'White


Amiga Demos
:: Demos & SlideShow Apocalypse Bay ::
Metal & Lace (1993) - HD version - WHDload Install v1.2
Need only 512 Kb Chip - ocs/ecs/aga 2.0/3.0 and DFx compliant

hidden part hidden part

708 kb

722 kb



Whdload 1.2
(upd. 16.6)

code: VrS!
zic: Romeo Knight
- ar-s/scat (end/hidden part)
Gfx: VrS! - Scat - Ank

from PC games "Cobra Mission" and "Metal & Lace", first picture from "Super Valis"
sources : Generation4, Tilt, Joystick

Hidden Part:
RMB at boot

see Pictures

main theme remix by Little Bitchard


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Legacy 97 - my Demo Operating System tester

345 kb

code (V.O.S) : VrS!
zic: Laxity/Kefrens

a compilation of some old fx from various demos (Hemoroids, Tek, Arise, Razor, Silicon, Zenith, paradox, Digital...)

version Beta (AGA sprites bug).
Use LMB, RMB and Fire combinations for memory configurations tests


Play Online

Weird Science Slideshow (remake) / Chris Hill

789 kb
from Chris Hill SlideShow

code: VrS!
Zic: Firefox

Original Version DOS

ECS/AGA - Need 512 Kb Slow/Fast

see another Weird Science Slideshow


Play Online

Sweltering Forest Slideshow - WHDLoad v.1.0
ECS/AGA - Need 1 Mb chip or 512 chip/512 fast
David Hardy "Shooting Star" Siudmak
847 kb
code: VrS!
zic: Clawz/Digital

Illustrations : Suidmak, David Hardy...


Play Online
Magic slide disk #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5
ECS/AGA - Need 1 Mb - multi drives DF0-3
771 kb

code: VrS!
Zics : Twilight/Doc Holiday - Obarski
(wrong credits on disk)

misc gfx from: mangas, comics, Nova slide, silents/channel42 slide, SoWhat/Equinox...
Great Remix of Rallye Master


Play Online
BlueShow 2 / Pyramid (remake) [XXX]
ECS/AGA - Need only 512 Kb Chip

788 kb

from Pyramid X-Slide

code: VrS!
Zic: Mazon/Fantasy

Optical Illusion #5 (remake) [XXX]
ECS/AGA - need 512Kb Chip+512Kb Slow/Fast - or 2 Mb Chip
1.3 Mb
Feral Kid & Optics X-Slide

code: VrS!
Music : Firefox

Boris Vallejo Slide #1 (remake) - WHDLoad v1.0
ECS/AGA - need 1 Mb chip or 512 chip/512 fast
860 kb

based on
Space Bubbles slides 3 by Ackerlight

code: VrS!
Zic: Laxity/Kefrens
(wrong credits on disk)

Dragons & Warriors / Trash Gang (remake)
OCS/ECS/AGA - Need 512K Fast - only DF0
1.4 Mb
from Trash Gang slide

code/logo : VrS!
Zics : Cockatrice/Complex
Dr. Awesome


Play Online
 Amiga Musik Disk
:: Music Disk by Apocalypse Bay ::
Guignols Dance 2 v.2 - Higelin (proper version)

Guignols Dance 2 v.1 - East17 (proper version)
(boot fixed)

Guignols Dance 2 v.test A500 - ZuluDance
test version A500 : Zuludance

BONUS unreleased : Guignols Mix by Thug (1993) Play Online

WHDLoad 1.1 whd16.6+ fix
629 kb

youtube Play Online

665 kb

youtube Play Online

685 kb

Play Online

1.26 Mb
code: VrS!
zic: Ar-S/Scat

One Music - Kalon Marie
original by Stone Age
732 kb

youtube Play Online
code: VrS!
zic-gfx: Ar-S/scat

One Music - ZuluDance
unreleased test : v.3 Zuludance

685 kb
One Music - More Than Music (unreleased)

More Than Music / Alcatraz (original - Good Dump)
648 kb

473 kb
code: VrS! / zic: Moby
Original by Alcatraz
Whdload patch
The Persuaders soundtrack
OCS-ECS/AGA - Need only 512K Chip
801 kb

code : VrS!
digit : Eric Ennifar
from original music by Barry

1'30'' One-Disked digit

Ghost soundtrack
OCS-ECS/AGA - Need only 512K Chip
443 kb

code : VrS!
digit : Ar-S/Scat

1'30'' One-Disked digit

Sandra "Heaven can wait"
OCS-ECS/AGA - Need only 512K Chip
569 kb

code : VrS!
gfx & digit : The Twins
from original music by Michael Cretu - Sandra

1'30'' One-Disked digit

Booly - OCS-ECS/AGA - Only 512K Chip
695 kb

/!\ youtube /!\

Play Online

Play Online
Play Online

code : VrS!
gfx & digit : Ar-S/Scat

picture from "Furry of the Furries" Cover
original music "Take On Me " by A-ha

1'30'' One-Disked digit

first MusicDisk test - 8 modules
OCS-ECS/AGA - Need 512K Slow/Fast
848 kb
code : VrS!
logos from Uno, NoogMan

misc modules from (wrong credits)
Moby, Dr J, Dr Awesome, Jason, GTS...

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