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 Amiga PackDisks (Rare)
:: PackDisks Rare ::
History Of Depeche Videos

812 kb

suppled by
Mike Boss
by Depeche/The Living Box

Wow (1987) (unreleased)
Debut Intro (boot) (1988)
Cool Flashing (1988)
Depeche Power Demo (1989) Play Online
Spreadpoint Small-Demo (1989) Play Online
Spreadpoint Wooow (1989) Play Online
Speadpoint Scrapheap (1990)
High Five (1990)
Defjam Let's Kick It (1991) Play Online
Defjam Massive (1991) Play Online

see also The Unreleases pack
Zodiac PowerDisk

607 kb


supplied by
Mike Boss

thanks to Zodiac
by Zodiac (1989)

Fun / The Living Box 1994
Zzzod Intro / Zodiac Play Online
The Brain Intro / The Living Box 1994
Zodmania (Part 6/MegaDemo 2) / Alcatraz Play Online
Blitter Shock (P2 MD2 - stand alone version - different music) Play Online
Zappel Demo / Zodiac Play Online

Multimix #28 / Omicron [original] (Rare)

Omicron (1990) Play Online

Scoopex "The Elefant" Play Online
Silents "Snurkle Scroll 2" (source - rmk) Play Online
Crusaders "Nice" Play Online
Aurora "Sputnik and Yogi Bear" (source - remake) Play Online
original pack contains NoiseTracker 2.0 (#3)

[alt. version]
paradox cracktro "crystal of arborea" (replace NoiseTracker)

type Help to see original menu
Amislyonnais #1 [original] (Rare) - boot fixed

756 kb

alt. version
D.O.C demons are forever (remake) Play Online
Kefrens nightmare - part of MD4 (remake) Play Online
Venlo Meeting/Hotline Play Online
Sunriders short intro "BarellJokie"
Alpha Flight "Yvonne" Modulo Play Online
HQC Cruncher V2.0 Intro (remake) Play Online
TNM Earth bobs r/w error fixed (PC remake)
ECS/Nemesis - CoderPack [original] (Rare)

621 kb

alt. version
Beastie Boys intro Play Online
Magic Arts intro (src & remake)
Digitech bone Play Online
Spreadpoint Rain intro Play Online
Robot Session first intro fixed

tools: SoundTracker 2.4 + Doc
Coderboard (doc missing)
Demons Pack - Best of VIII (1991) [original] * (Rare)

Demons (1991) Play Online

Phenomena Animotion Play Online
Rebels Total Triple Trouble (rmk) Play Online
Cynefex Psychode Play Online
Amonia coppershock Play Online
Anarchy Smoker Play Online
Latyl Best Pack #1 / Passion [original] (Rare)

811 kb

Passion (1991)

Anarchy Inspiration is None Play Online
Dexion Beyond Justice Play Online
Delight Overdose Play Online - TEST
Overdose original release disk

boot fixed
Pickaboo Pack #13 / Silicon [original] (Rare)
778 kb

Silicon (1995)

Silicon Aspartame TEST Play Online
Nenephantro (aga)
Hysteria Pack - Demolition #?? [modified]* (Rare)

800 kb

with original scrolltext
800 kb
Phenomena Joyride Play Online -TEST (info)
Phenomena Flumm
Phenomena Fun Heads
Quartex Zetaniks Play Online (remake)
Rebels introduction to seduction Play Online
StaticBytes Glenspiration Play Online

alt. Bonus: Absence intro (remake), the deadly virus
(*note : if black screen at boot, click left Mouse button)
 Amiga PackDisks Misc.
:: PackDisks by Apocalypse Bay ::
Mind Funk #113 / TEK [alternative]

Pleasure One Day Meetro (remake) Play Online
Arise Sorry for no pizza-tro
Zenith Bucetalotro Play Online
Supplex cracktro (remake)
Triad intro Play Online
(alt. missing Trsi cracktro, grace...)

original release disk boot intro

Menu :
Play Online
Universal Series #29 / Delight [alternative]

Infect Waterlow (rmk) - Play Online
Hemoroïds Woualaran Play Online
Silents Sozzled Somersault Play Online
So Groovy/Arise Play Online

music Menu :
"V.I.S.I.O.N.S." by A.J.T./Hemoroids
Play Online
Another Best Pack #4
810 kb
BlitterMiracle/Brainstorm Play Online
Prism Vector/TRSI
Cytax intro (remake - Play Online)
Crazy Sue! game
Another Best Pack #5
boot fixed - aga fix
673 kb
Zoom/Phenomena France
Inner Vision/Dreamdealers
Play Online
Deluxe Pacman 1.1a
Misc Intros #1
777 kb
Copper Master/Angels Play Online (remake)
Jehova goes hitech/Voice
Cobalt/Paradox Play Online (source)
Dentro & Chaos Land/VD
40K/ Lemon
698 kb
Boing (wb)
Hunt for the 7th october (Cryptoburners),
My Room (Celebrandil/Fairlight) remake - Play Online

682 kb

"shadow of the beast"-like intros
Kefrens MD7
Advance "beast demo"
Vision Factory "vector beast"

The Band The End Play Online
Animate "the beast multidemo"

crack compil 1
566 kb
code loader : vrs!

see Flash Remakes - Win Remakes - sources
crack compil 2
626 kb
crack compil 3
608 kb
crack compil 4
90 kb
Best of 2 - 1988-1994 (OCS/AGA)

784 kb
No Sleeping/Offence Play Online
No Pain No Gain/TRSI Play Online
40k 1st intro/Rebels
Zappel demo/Zodiac
Lost in Legoland/Andromeda Play Online
Lola/Fresh Prince
Arkham Asylum/Alliance Design&Dreamdealers Play Online
Sodan Party/MegaForce

Best of 3 ?-1994 (OCS)

755 kb
Afternoon/Digital Play Online
No Name/Hemoroids Play Online
ET preview/Essence
Pack preview/Agnostic Front
crack intros collection #1 735 kb
Digital 1992

crack intros collection #2 754 kb
crack intros collection #3 762 kb
crack intros collection #4 732 kb
crack intros collection #5 619 kb
 Amiga Cover Disks Compilations
:: Cover-Disks : Amiga Dream 1 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 12 - 13 ::
Le BootMenu a été Fixé. il fonctionne sur 2.x/3.x avec fastram. Un Aga Fix est intégré pour certains jeux
les versions (alt) ce ne sont pas les disks d'origines - il peut manquer des icônes et des fichiers
pour les Disks originaux voir sur le site de BlackWolfCds AmigaWorks : www.AmigaWorks.com (25 disks dispos)
Amiga Dream # 01 [alt]
712 kb

Tetris Pro (voir RunAway/2000 AD)
a maze in/DTL

(on alt. missing : rep. DPSH, Pub)

Amiga Dream # 01 original
687 kb
Amiga Dream # 8-9-10 [alt]
732 kb

Darkroom/stellar Play Online (source)
QBic - Dr Marion
Proker - Monaco - Croak - EdPlayer

(missing : Galaga.dms, Abank.dms, Tetriz, ChunkyMaze, SuperDuper, ABCDir 2, Imploder)
Amiga Dream # 12 [alt]
519 kb
Dragon Tiles (whd) - Transplant - Kampela
Prog Blitz - Painter3D
(missing : Desktop Magic.dms, Transplant.dms)
Amiga Dream # 13 [alt]
704 kb
Heros - WipeOut! - Razor 1911 sourcemetery Play Online
Sys Info - Virus Checker - BBaseIII

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